ESHG 2023 - Corporate Satellite

Innovative sequencing with DNA nanoball

Chair: Catherine Scerri
Speakers: Nik Matthiews, Alejandra Maria Perez Sastre, Janis Pitsiladis
Saturday 10 June
12:00 - 13:30
Room Boisdale, Session CS10
  • Nik Matthews
    Head of Imperial BRC Genomics Facility
    Imperial College London, UK
    Why is it so hard to standardise RNA-seq in clinical studies; Evaluation of the LevitasBio LeviCell system to help in single cell enrichment; and Assessment of the new NEBNext DNA library prep on the MGI sequencing technology.
  • Alejandra Maria Perez Sastre
    Manager of the Service Department
    Sistemas GenĂ³micos, Spain
    Sistemas GenĂ³micos clinical solutions. Beyond Exomes.
  • Janis Pitsiladis
    Professor of Sport and Exercise
    University of Brighton, UK
    How the war on drugs in sport will be won using multi-omics and we're not afraid to talk about it.
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