CE-IVD marked Whole Exome solution for Genetic diseases from MGI and Sistemas Genómicos

Study of all human pathologies from

whole exome capture and mitochondrial DNA

MGI and Sistemas Genómicos have partnered together to democratize clinical exome sequencing to enable every patient and specialist access to precision diagnostics without comprising between quality and price

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5 reasons to choose our solution

Certified solution
Full coverage of the exome and mtDNA
Customizable reports of genetic results
Cutting-edge sequencing technology

Comprehensive and cost effective clinical whole exome panels now available with MGI's DNBSeqTM technology

The HubExome Plus Panel has been designed to carry out the most up-to-date international guidelines and scientific recommendations.
  • Size: 40 MB

  • Process 16-48 samples with bioinformatic computation

  • Full coverage of exons and +/-20 bp of intronic and UTR regions, and mtDNA

  • Detection of SNVs, INDELs, large INDELs, MNVs, ALUs and CNVs

Empowered by the precision and accuracy of patented DNBSeq™ technology on the most comprehensive sequencing platform

MGI’s DNBSEQ-G400 is built with a new Flow Cell system that can flexibly support a variety of different sequencing modes that is empowered by MGI’s Patented DNBSEQ™ Technology to deliver quality, affordability and performance:
  • Low error rates
  • Low duplication rates
  • Low index hopping

DNBSEQ™ provides the advantages of low amplification error rate from DNBs and high-density Patterned Arrays to significantly improve the accuracy of sequencing with a low repetition rate.
Combined with the PCR-free library preparation approach, it reduces the error of entry during amplification and greatly improves the accuracy of detecting SNPs and indels.

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